Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Journey

The Latin root of universe is “uni,” which means “one,” and “verse,” which means “passage.” One passage: I believe this to mean each of us has our own authentic path. We just need to stop trying, stop willing, and just let life happen.
It has been said, “Life is a Journey, and we each must follow our own path.”
As I learn to follow my path, I finally understand the value of surrendering my need to control my destiny. As I have written previously, the universe has led me again and again, to follow my path north back to Seattle. Over the last year, the book project I’ve been editing is not  yet complete. After spending a warm winter in sunny Southern California, April signaled it was time to plan my third roadtrip over the last year back to the Emerald City.
Leaving home and family behind for five to six months at a time for work, has also taught me the benefit of surrendering to the universe. Nothing positive ever comes when I resist change. Therefore, I have made it a daily affirmation to embrace new people, new surrounding’s and to welcome new challenges into my life. Doing so has never come easy, but I see my life expanding beyond what I dreamed possible as I let go and strive to live an authentic life.
My roadtrip was scheduled to include a week’s drive up Highway 101 through California and over to the coast through Mendicino and up Highway 1 to hug the rugged wind swept California and Oregon Coasts. Driving solo for five days is a lonely propisition but the beauty of the west coast makes the adventure worth adding to anyones “Bucket List.” Eventually, the long hours alone became a form of meditation as the universe peeled back the many layers of who I have become.
Leaving Los Angeles I felt the stress disappear from every inch of my body as I turned my apprehension about leaving home, into excitement over the realization that God has put me on a path to live out my dream. Not all the pieces fit together yet, but I know they lie ahead of me.
My trip would not be complete without stops in Santa Cruz, Palo Alto, Mendicino and Neskowin, Oregon to spend quality time with longtime friends. Although my friends and I don’t have the opportunity to see one another often enough anymore, it seems we always pick up where we left off during our last visit.

Driving north above San Francisco I became one with the neverending twists and turns of Highway 1. I listened to soulful music, soaked in the incredible scenery, and took the opportunity to reflect on the value of these old friendships. Without them, life would feel empty and without meaning. Building connection and community has proven to sustain and enrich my life.
I spent time exploring the incredible beaches, writing in my journal, and asking God for direction in living my life in the present moment. I am coming to understand that all the moments that happened in my past are a memory, and any moment that will happen in the future is a fantasy. Memories and fantasies are nice, but they lead me nowhere except the past, which no longer exists. All any of us really have is NOW.
On a deeper level, my journey has led me to clearly see that every action or decision I make generates a result. What I put out there dictates what I get in return. If I am not putting out abundance, abundance will not come into my life!
After seven days in the car alone, it felt good to be back in the Pacific Northwest again. This place always fills my soul with the feeling that I have come home. Spring has brought with it flowers on the cherry trees and the two eagles that nest just beyond my bedroom window, have returned home as well. Life moves forward as I settle in to reconnect with my purpose and live a life full of intention.

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Whidbey Woman said...

Welcome back to the Seattle area!
Good luck to you.