Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Power of Our Love

The Power of Our Love

My love for a friend has taught me compassion for things I do not understand.

Her journey has become a lesson in honoring the spirit and reminding us to listen to our bodies when we forget to protect our own well-being. I trust God will not let her down during this intense time of struggle.

Fighting through the haze of a reality that is not her own, mental clarity becomes a battle she never could believe she would wage. Reaching out for the love and gentle touch that once made her whole seems elusive now. It is there, hiding just below the surface, emanating from friends and family who love her. Fear is a destructive demon that can erode our lives if we let it take power over our mind.

Feeling lost in the madness, demands we stop the external overwhelming swirl of thought. Now is the time to go within. Finding our center will make us whole again. Quieting the mind is never easy, yet in that silence our soul is revealed. This is a battle worth fighting, teaching us all to honor the ebbs and flows of life and to never forget "We give power to that which we think about."

Relationships become one piece to regaining our strength and passion for life. It is through compassion and commitment that we learn the power of our love.