Monday, March 1, 2010

In the Still of the Night

Photo by Kevin S. Andersen

In the still of the night, God has laid bare the beauty and many wonders of my world. The silloutte of the moons glow casts a backdrop expanding my internal life perspective. The moons powerful pull, not only controls the changing ocean tides, it continues to change me on a deep cellular level.

Inner peace is the gift so many easily over look. Its value opens doors and changes lives forever. Peace found its way into my soul, once I had an opportunity to start life over. For me it came at a high price. Cancer taught me never again to overlook the power of NOW. I am learning to live my life boldly, to overcome fear, to feel compassion, to appreciate the wonder of nature, to remain loyal to my faith in God and to reach out and connect to the people who touch my heart.

Life is fleeting. We each look back at some point and wonder where the time has gone. It all comes down to honoring the importance of living our lives with purpose and exploring how to connect with the life energy that is part of our ever-expanding universe. I feel this connection in the still of the night and wonder how many others have learned to experience its power.

My friend Linda, who tonight is on the edge of passing, understands all of this. Her courage to let go, comes from this inner peace and a heart felt connection to this world and the next. She lived life and learned how to live it boldly, without fear, full of compassion, with an appreciation for nature and held on to her faith in a higher power promising her life here on earth is only the beginning. Linda has fought a long and valent battle against The Dragon. She may have lost the fight, but she did so with grace. Linda taught me how to live and when my time comes, how to die. Good night my friend, let the moons glow take you home.