Saturday, February 26, 2011

Natures Fury

Laguna's Main Beach
 After weeks of incredibly warm February weather, nature reminds me we are still in the midst of winter. Grey pewter skies have blown in across the great expanse of the Pacific Ocean, bringing large waves roaring into Laguna’s Main Beach.

Looking out across a wide stretch of sand there are no beachcombers today. Their absence reveals the beauty and love affair I have with the wildness of the sea. In the emptiness, I see life everywhere as the wind blows and rain steadily begins to fall. I watch sea gulls ride the thermal air gusts, twisting and dodging in flight as they try with all their might to enjoy the ride.

Laguna's windy shores

Off in the distance, smoke curls rising out of chimneys leaving behind the memory of past loves fury warming my soul on cold wet days. But for today, I am left with only the warmth of a good book and the beauty and power of nature before me.

Laguna is a place like no other with a personality and magnet all its own. The mega rich live in large rambling houses that hang over the ocean looking down on a more laid-back earthy crowd. Somehow their differences blend and enrich this community, creating the unique art colony that it is.

I find places have a way of molding us into who we are. If we let them, communities have the power to transfer life into each of us. If we are lucky, we find the hidden gems in the people and the beauty of the landscape and are drawn to give back and contribute. In the end, it’s all about connection to the earth, having the courage to share yourself, respecting the wonder of nature and believing we are where we should be.

Natures Fury

Friday, January 7, 2011

Making This My Best Year

January 1, 2011 began with crystal blue skies full of large cotton ball like clouds that stretch across the ocean reaching to the edge of the horizon line. As I sit high above the ocean in a beach chair wrapped in blankets, the warmth of the sun penetrates my senses as I close my eyes and drift away with the wind. Seagulls dart across the sky soaring just beyond reach and I’m lost in the repeating roll of the pounding surf. Its roar tempers thoughts of my dreams for this New Year.

Natures wonder is truly our gift from God. The importance of making time to nourish our souls in nature provides clarity, direction and solitude from a life of never ending challenges. Its power simplifies, reminding me to dream big dreams without the need to have all the answers. I feel the universe expand and contract with each breath and believe the Source of all life is here in this moment. The fact that there is very little spiritual truth in our contemporary culture continues to force me to look inward. It is there I find my untapped energy.

I am eager to move forward with expanding awareness, focused on an inner purpose that directs me toward life’s next cycle. Birth brings expansion, growth brings wisdom and I see the inherent connection of letting go of my ego to become more conscious of my inner spirit opening me to a better world. Nature reminds me stress or stuggle are a sign that the ego has taken over my thinking. Negative reactions surface when I encounter obstacles and separate myself from spirit.

On this first day of 2011, I make a conscious effort to align my outer purpose, what I do… with my inner purpose and mental awakening. How I do what I do, will determine whether I am fulfilling my destiny and more importantly what I am able to give to the world. I make a personal commitment today to do things differently. Stupidity is relatively harmless, but intelligent stupidity is highly dangerous. I have only one chance to live my best life and the only way I can think to do this, is to ensure I am on purpose every day.   I will strive to tap into every ounce of my creativity in ways that will expand my thinking. I will give encouragement to those who are sick or feel lost, give my love in abundance, demonstrate the power of my faith to those in need. We each have a choice in how we allow our lives to play out and touch others.  Today, I believe this will be my best year yet.

Happy New Year!