Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday Reflections

On the heels of a cancer diagnosis, birthday celebrations take on new meaning. Turning another year older today, comes with a badge of honor that at one point felt so fleeting.

I have slayed the dragon and my reward continues to lie just beyond the rainbow arching in brilliant shades of green, yellow and pink, reaching high into the sky outside my window. It is a sign that my challenges will continue to be conquered through mindful exploration and a willingness to embrace the changing seasons of life. The path to the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow will come from the realization that I had the courage to sieze the day, to make a difference in the lives of others and in the process, found peace as my life was restored.

As I celebrate my new found freedom, the realization that I have overlooked the simplicity of life and its many riches seeps into my soul. God is telling me, “Life doesn’t have to be so complicated, take pleasure in the simple things and share that peace with others.” I vow to do this and make it my birthday wish today.

Each of us is given such a short time on earth to make our mark. Finding happiness is always within our grasp. For me, it has become a matter of changing perspectives as I grow older. Looking back on the journey of my youth, my path was thrilling, sometimes heart-breaking, continually full of wonder, and propelled by the freedom that comes from believing life will last forever. I would not change a thing. It was my path that took me to the doors of incredible long-lasting friendships, passionate love and a deep appreciation for the bonds of family. Now in mid-life, time passes more quickly. I am keenly aware I have less of it to make mistakes. I am blessed to harbor the feeling that all is as it should be. I have let go of the goals born in my youth, content now in the path I have chosen. I plot my course with intention, making use of the wisdom that comes with age.

My footprints in the sand may disappear, but my love for those around me will endure forever.


whidbeywoman said...

What a great post. Happy Birthday and may there be many more!

JBBC said...

Belated birthday greetings to you fellow Libran :-) My own birthday was just 4 days after yours and it also prompted me to write some birthday reflections of my own