Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Healing Power of Nature

The beauty of the lake brings with it a life force all its own. Birch trees hug the shoreline leaving little doubt of the winds direction as their leaves shimmer in the breeze. Looking out from behind my desk, I watch a brilliant orange, pink and purple sunset beyond my unobstructed million dollar view of water, trees, blue sky and range of snow capped mountains. It feels hard to fathom, just ten months ago I was lying in bed fighting the ravages of chemotherapy. It was then that I saw my vision of the Pacific Northwest come alive from the recesses of my childhood.

Nature is the natural order of life and created to reconnect us with spirit. The ocean tides advance and retreat, the sun rises and sets, seasons change offering us the next phase in the cycle of life to embrace. I am relearning the miracle of nature with each deep breath of positive energy I take in. My life perspective changes as I find quiet inspiration from the wonders of nature emanating from this place. I am blessed to have two resident bald eagles living in the tree that hangs just above my room. I have been watching their powerful spirit glide across the lake in search of food and feel blessed to live in harmony among them.

Today I was filled with a fascination that overwhelmed me as I listened to the diversity of sounds surrounding me deep within the forest. I watched the abundance of wildlife go about their business, as if I was not there. It is a world long forgotten in the rush of living my life disconnected. My soul craves the peace I find watching my garden of Dahlias come into bloom. As I write this, the world just outside my window is filled with the beauty of a cold Northwest evening. I watch a rabbit eat berries off the holly bush in front of me and take in the heaven like quality of listening to the rain which has been absent in recent weeks.

Open your eyes and appreciate the power of now. Allow the full impact of your life to be lived in the moment. Life will provide a new perspective as you seek and find joy exploring beyond your world.

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Anonymous said...

Another beautifully observed post! A joy to read. I too find nature inspirational and healing and love the changing of the seasons. I remember likening my own cancer treatment to the seasons, as I was diagnosed in late September, as the leaves began to fall from the trees, began chemotherapy in the darkest days of winter, when I also shed my hair, which began to grow back with the first signs of spring, and I emerged in the sunshine of summer, all treatment over. I found it a powerful and comforting image to hold onto.