Sunday, April 5, 2009

Moving Beyond My Comfort Zone

Standing on the edge of my comfort zone beckons change from within. Changing my habits, attitudes and expectations doesn’t come easily. Finding the courage to let go and become an option thinker, open to new possibilities has in my past brought much reward and happiness.

Embracing life and expanding my potential is a life-long commitment I made years ago, but it never comes easy to embrace major change. Security and familiarity can become an addicting drug if I allow myself to become too complacent. I keep pushing myself to ask “I wonder what I could become. I wonder what I can do. I wonder where I could go in my life -- if I just let go and am willing to explore a new way.”

Creativity is a gift we each hold in our hearts and minds. Believing in ourselves is the ultimate motivation to achieving our greatest potential in life. My life can become nothing great without a fearless spirit. With the clock ticking, the time to explore and achieve my dreams is now. I believe that God aligns the universe to work in concert with our destiny. Being open and willing to let go sets the process in motion. We meet people who believe in us and have the ability to open doors; our responsibility is to walk through the door and live up to the expectation. The people in our lives are there to teach us lessons about love, compassion and our own immorality. Growth and an inquisitive willing spirit are the result if we are willing to break through our comfort zone.

My next adventure begins in April with a trip back to the city of my childhood, Seattle, Washington. As many of you know, I have made this trek up and down the west coast on several occasions. When I left Seattle for the second time in 2005, the sunny weather of Southern California had called me back and I was fairly confident the N.W. would become just a memory. But as I’ve recently learned, the universe has other plans for me.

The next chapter of my story began in January, when a friend introduced me to a “Snow Bird” from Seattle who had come to Laguna Beach to work on his autobiography. He was in dire need of an editorial assistant to help with his manuscript. I had recently been laid-off from my job and in search of a way to incorporate my passion for writing into my next career. What I soon learned was that this 87-year old man was a long-time environmental activist, and civic leader working on numerous projects throughout Seattle that have served to transform the city into the vibrant community that it is today. His many stories are about stepping out of your comfort zone and how one person can’t achieve great things alone. It is imperative we embrace our friendships along the way, these people who cross our paths -- they have been put there for a reason. It is up to us, to uncover the greatness we can bring about together.

The universe has spoken and so once again, I’m jumping off the edge of my comfort zone and opening myself up to all the possibilities ahead of me.

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